things to do at Kings Place

IMG_1177We’re doing our 10th anniversary extravaganza at Kings Place in London this Sunday. It’s a 4pm performance, and we’ve got six new pieces by some lovely composers. We are very excited to have new pieces from John White, Matteo Fargion, Stefan Thut and Travis Just, as well as some new music by Tim and James. Without giving too much away, there will be Brazilian rhythms, harmonicas (at least six), storytelling, some noise guitar and a lot of shouting, some unplugged electric guitars and a lot of walking, glamorous assistants, wine reviews, a little singing, Berlioz, and the normal mix of items from our respective recycling bins. Here’s a photo of the setup for one of the pieces in the meantime.

Tim Parkinson 
- Time With People, Opus 1 (2012)

Stefan Thut - two strings and boxes (2) (2012) Premiere

Matteo Fargion - Songbook (2014)  Premiere

James Saunders - you say what to do (2014)

John White - Wine Connoisseurs Shoot-Out (2014)  Premiere

Travis Just - It’s All True (2010/14) Premiere


The concert is at 4pm in Hall 2. Come and join us.

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Foraging for instruments

I’m on the beach in St Andrews collecting some objects to use in Tim’s songs tomorrow night at Kings Place. So far a few bits of wood, some shells and razor fish, and something that looks like an anemone. It’s a long beach though, so more to find.


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lost & found at kings place

We’re performing Parkinson’s songs 2011 at Kings Place in London on 15th July, alongside The Albion Players (Stephen Cornford, Patrick Farmer & Sarah Hughes), Kerry Yong, Stephen Cornford & Paul Whitty. [rout] are also playing a new work by Saunders, and the programme includes new music by Juliana Hodkinson, Paul Newland, Andrew Poppy, Paul Whitty, as well as new realisations of George Brecht. Presented by the Sonic Arts Research Unit.

More info here

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audiograft performance

Paul Whitty made this film of Parkinson Saunders performing Parkinson’s “songs 2011″ in the Audiograft festival at the Holywell Music Room in Oxford on 1 March. We had much fun doing these, and will hopefully be performing them again at Kings Place in the summer.

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We’re performing at audiograft in Oxford on Thursday 1 March in an evening event alongside [rout], Kerry Yong, Felicity Ford, and The Albion Players. We haven’t fixed the programme yet, but it’s probably going to include some new songs. In the same performance, [rout] are playing the piece they commissioned from Saunders last year, nothing reveals itself without at the same time concealing something else.

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parkinson saunders in switzerland

We both had piece commissioned by Basel Sinfonietta this year, and were in Switzerland for the rehearsals and first performances in November. We also gave a short performance during the pre-concert talk in Basel on 8 November, playing pieces by Michael Parsons and Christian Wolff with Stefan Thut (cello) and Marc Klichenmann (bassoon) from the orchestra. This is a photo of our table. I think this is the first time we’ve performed using only one. It was quite a squash.

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At the moment we’re working on some recordings for another timbre which should be released during the next year. One disc will feature two pieces by Manfred Werder which we’ve performed a few times before. The other disc will include some pieces by Saunders from his series divisions that could be autonomous but that comprise the whole. We’re also working on a Christian Wolff programme which will be played for the first time at Music We’d Like to Hear in July.

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